ACLCP is a unique organization that combines the rich Luso-Chinese cultural heritage with the noble cause of nature preservation, with a special focus on the protection of the iconic panda. Through our commitment to culture and conservation, we are dedicated to creating a world where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

We believe that culture and nature are intrinsically linked. For this reason, we have chosen the panda as our symbol, one of China's most valuable natural treasures. Pandas are an example of the delicate interdependence between humans and wildlife. Through our work, we not only aim to celebrate Luso-Chinese culture but also to protect the precious natural habitats of pandas and other endangered species.

At ACLCP, we believe that uniting culture and nature is fundamental to building a more sustainable world. Join us on this exciting journey of preservation, cultural celebration, and environmental education. Together, we can protect pandas and their habitats, ensuring a brighter and more balanced future for generations to come.

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